The Paradox

It has been said the Christian life is a paradox – the first will be last, to die in return for eternal life, servitude on earth for “riches” in heaven; the list goes on. The Christian life requires faith in God, it sounds easy but as we all know the reality is quite the opposite. Living our lives using worldly values; who has the most toys wins, if we do good – good things will happen to us, he or she did a bad thing and got what they deserve. When we live by these set of values, we fail to grasp the purpose, strength, courage and opportunity the Lord offers to all.  We must recognize there is a higher power, and there is evil in our world.  

Carrying a good luck charm or having a lucky rabbit’s foot isn’t going to improve your situation; just remember it didn’t do the rabbit any good either. When we stop relying on ourselves or gimmicks and start putting our faith and reliance in God we will get through the difficult times in our lives and come through life’s challenges even stronger. Every one of us has fallen short in the glory before God, and yet we have undeservedly received His grace and mercy.  
Our God who created the heavens and the earth and all that dwells in it, is truly an awesome God!