Prayer Ministry

We began the year with a 4week Saturday series “Walk-about with Jesus”.  All were encouraged to join us for reading and discussing a Psalm followed by a stroll.  We enjoyed reading and hearing the background of the Psalms. We read Psalm 1, Psalm 8, Psalm 100 and ended with Psalm 150.  Our last walk on Feb 24th started out with a wonderful lunch at Janet’s Cafe in Santee. Thank you to all the participants and if you missed a walk, we will have another planned walk later in the year.


Our Prayer Vigil concluded Saturday, March 16. We know that our God hears our prayers, and we thank everyone for your participation in our second 24-hour prayer vigil. If you missed our vigil, know that prayer is a time to pour your heart to the Lord, it is a conversation and can take place anywhere, at any time.  


Coming in June! We are currently planning the menu and will have signups on the patio.
Stay tune for our next events. 

Other Prayer Ministry get togethers will include:

  • Saturday Prayer Breakfast
  • Prayer Vigil
  • Prayer hike
  • Prayer Partners