Lakeside Children’s Center Preschool
JUNE  2020   

Lakeside Presbyterian Children’s Center  –

Reopenedhours are 7:15AM to 5:00 PM …
New Fall tuition rates published.  We have updated our tuition payment policy.

Tuition can be paid weekly or monthly, however, all fees are to be paid in advance.  Weekly payments are due by Wednesday of each week.  Monthly payments are due by the 5th of the month.  If the 5th falls on a holiday or weekend your payment is due the next day your child is in attendance.  It is your responsibility to know when your tuition is due.  The center sends tuition statements the first of the month, if the first of the month falls on a holiday or a weekend, the statement will be sent out the next day we are open.  Invoices are sent by request only. 

Please let us know if you are experiencing a financial hardship.



Shawn Santo, 

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

  • If you meet any of the following criteria, please do not enter our facility and do not pick-up/drop-off a child at our program:
  • Have symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath),
  • Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or
  • Have returned from travel, out of the United States, in the last 14 days.
  • When picking up or dropping off a child(ren), please wait by the director’s office and a teacher/staff person will assist you. We also ask that you practice “social distancing” (6 feet) at all times.  If we don’t come right out, please call 619.443.2887
  • We will be doing health/temperature checks on employees and children every morning. We will ask/look for;
    • A dry cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • Chills and or repeated shaking, muscle pains, sore throat
    • Fever over 100.4
    • Fatigue
    • Congestion or runny nose
    • Gastrointestinal symptoms, ie; vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.
    • We will ask if anyone in the household is sick or has been exposed to someone with or suspected to have COVID-19.
    • We will ask if anyone living with the child has travel out of the United the last 14 days.

**If answered yes to any of the first 7 questions, child will be sent home for 72 hours or once the symptoms have gone without the aid or medicine.  If answered yes to the last 2 questions the child will be sent home for 14 days.

After the temperature/health check you may leave and your child will be escorted to the bathroom to wash their hands.  After their hands are washed they will join their class.  We will wipe down the lunch box before we take it to the classroom.
  • Please bring your own pen to sign in and out each day.
  • If your child becomes ill while in our program, you will be asked to pick-up your child within one hour of the program contacting you. Please have plans in place to ensure you or a designated person is available if this should occur.
  • Please be sure that we have your most current contact information as well as the most up to date emergency contact information.


  • Please only bring your child’s lunch box each day. We will be providing disposable cups for the children and for the time being we will also provide blankets if the child needs one.   Please do not bring anything else; no toys, blankets, stuffed animals or unnecessary items of clothing.  This includes car seats and strollers.
  • Only one parent, or authorized person to pick up, will be permitted per family at drop off and pick up.
  • Payment is due by Wednesday of every week, if paying weekly, or the 5th of the month if paying monthly. If payment is not received the child(ren) will not be allowed to return to school the following week and your spot will not be held.
  • Children aged 2 years and older are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings, if they can be worn properly.
During this time we will limit who is able to enter our facility.  If it is important for an individual to be on our campus they must have their temperature taken, wash or sanitize their hands and wear a mask at all times.  Once their business is done they will leave.  Tours to prospective parents will be given electronically at this time. 
Special cleaning/disinfecting implemented, including use of the electrostatic sprayer.  The use of the electrostatic to dispense the disinfenctant is significantly more effective than using traditional sprayers, by ensuring an even coating and total coverage of all surfaces. We use a specialized solution that is combined with air and atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer. Subsequently, the spray contains positively charged particles that are able to aggressively adhere to surfaces and objects. Yes it is SAFE for students, staff and others.  The kill time is about two minutes for bacteria and under two minutes for viruses. Best of all, no wiping is required with electrostatic spraying as it is with other procedures, and it’s safe for all surfaces
The disinfectant spray  being used is identified to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, is hospital grade, and designated safe for food preparation areas including restaurants.

Sick Child Policy Amendment: COVID-19

Children will be monitored for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 daily.


Children will be asked to stay home or return home if any of the following applies:

  • Have a fever of 100.4 or higher
  • Have had a fever of 100.4 or higher or other potential symptoms of COVID-19, such as shortness of breath, persistent dry cough, sore throat, muscle pains or gastrointestinal symptoms (vomiting, nausea or diarrhea), chills with repeated shaking, fatigue, congestions or runny nose within the last 72 hours
  • Have come in contact with others who have or suspect to have COVID-19 or exhibit the symptoms above.

Please note the Health Department, as well as the Community Care Licensing division will not let us attempt to distinguish whether the symptoms are caused by COVID-19 or another cause, such as allergies or a common cold.  Any one of these symptoms prevents a child from attending school until they have been symptom free for 72 hours, without the aid of medicine or fever reducers.

Watery eyes are not COVID-19 symptoms and do not in themselves require keeping a child home from school.  However, either of those symptoms in conjunction with a second symptoms, especially  the ones mentioned above, prevents a child from attending school until symptom free for at least 72 hours, without the aid of medicine or fever reducers.

If you are required to quarantine, please notify the school immediately and keep your child home with you.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Children with signs/symptoms of COVID-19 or who have been exposed to others with COVID-19 will be asked to stay home
  • Children who develop signs/symptoms of COVID-19 while at the program will be immediately separated from others and the program staff will contract the family member and/or emergency contact to pick the child up
  • We will practice handwashing upon arrival to the program, before meals and snacks, after outdoor play, after using the bathroom, prior to going home, after nose blowing or assisting a child with blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • Cover cough and sneezes with tissues, throw tissues in the trash, and clean hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer (if soap and water is not readily available).
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at least daily, including tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks

  If an enrolled child or employee tests positive for COVID-19:

  • The local public health department will be contacted and we will follow their guidance for next steps
  • The program will post and notify families of any confirmed staff or child cases of COVID-19
  • If there is a case of COVID-19 among children or staff, we will close for 2-14 days to allow for sufficient cleaning and disinfection. Our decision to stay open or to close will be based on recommendations from our local health department and/or Licensing.


Returning to a child care facility after suspected COVID-19 symptoms

If a staff member or child has symptoms of COVID-19 or is in close contact of someone with COVID-19, they can return to the child care facility if the following conditions are met:

  • If an individual has a fever, cough or shortness of breath and has not been around anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, they can return to the center no sooner than 72 hours after the fever is gone (without the use of fever-reducing medication) and symptoms get better. If the person’s symptoms worsen, they should contact their healthcare provider to determine if they should be tested for COVID-19.
  • If an individual is diagnosed with COVID-19, they must remain out of the program for a minimum of 14 days after the onset of first symptoms. They may return under the following conditions:
    • If they had a fever: 3 days after the fever ends without the use of fever-reducing medication AND there is improvement in their initial symptoms (e.g. cough, shortness of breath)
    • If they did not have a fever: 3 days after they see an improvement in their initial symptoms (e.g. cough, shortness of breath)

Year-Round Program!

Lakeside Presbyterian Children’s Center, offers the following programs


Half Day
Three Quarter Day
Full Day
Children need to bring their own lunch
In addition we will remain open through Christmas and Easter holiday vacations.

Misc Tuition Info 

MEMBERS OF LCPC, and for 2nd Child ENROLLED.
Rates reflect full days, 3/4 days and half days.  
Non-potty trained children are $40.00 additional to the monthly tuition.  
All tuition is due in advance.
If you are having financial problems please talk to someone in the office.  



Tuition can be paid weekly or monthly, however, all fees are to be paid in advance.  Weekly payments are due by Wednesday of each week.  Monthly payments are due by the 5th of the month.  If the 5th falls on a holiday or weekend your payment is due the next day your child is in attendance. 

If weekly payments are not received by Friday your child will not be able to attend the following week and your spot will not be saved.  If monthly payments are not received by the second week, your child will not be able to attend until payment is received and your spot will not be held.  Any account not paid in full by 30 days from the date of invoice will be assessed a fee of $45.00 per month.




Please note, in your signed contract, it states: no refunds for illness or holidays.  The preschool does not give credit for days missed due to illness, holidays, or other reasons
You received the NEW handbook during registration, please take the time to read the handbook to learn the Children’s Center policies, rules and regulations.
 If your child will not be in school for the day, please call the school.
Vacation requests must be in 2 weeks prior to start


 If your child has a fever, vomits or has diarrhea at school or home, they may not return to school for 24 hours after the symptoms are gone.It is very important to keep your child home if they are not feeling well.  If you have any doubts it is better to keep your child home one more day than to send then to school when they are not quite up to it.  If your child has conjunctivitis (pink eye) they may not return to school until they have received antibiotic treatment for 24 hours.  Remember good handwashing is very effective in keeping disease from spreading.  Our policy will cut down on the transition of disease to other children, and our staff.


If anything has changed with your emergency or contact information, please contact the Preschool Office so we can update and be sure we have your correct information.  When a little one is ill, time is of the essence in trying to reach a parent.  In addition if working, please leave-detailed instructions if needed to make it easier for us to contact you at work.  Cell phones are not always reliable.  We need a back up way to reach you.