Visiting LCPC for the first time?

First time joining us?  We want you to know that you are welcome as you are!  You will find people of all ages and backgrounds.
We have an information table when you first walk into the Narthex (lobby) and a greeter who will give you a small gift as our way of saying, “welcome”.  The bag contains information about Jesus, our church, and of course a little something for kids.  The greeter is there to answer any questions prior to the service. Questions you may have; where’s the classrooms, restroom, interested in small Bible study group, mission/outreach, and if you like we will walk you to the nursery, or to the children’s classroom K-6th grade and introduce you to the teacher.  It’s important to us to make you feel at home and that you are confident that your children are safe.
At LCPC some like to dress in their “Sunday best”, others like to be casual and comfortable (shorts and t-shirts).  Either way, you’ll fit right in. You decide what is right for you.  As you arrive at the church, you will find plenty of parking, both in the front and at the rear of the church. Everything is on one level, and so is easily accessible for all.
Our worship varies but never strays from the Bible, and it’s ok to laugh, smile, and enjoy God’s Word as we learn together. The Praise Team leads us in worship through contemporary Christian music usually one or two songs each Sunday.  Our choir sings also sings every Sunday from September through June.  Our organ is also an important part of worship.  (For more information on this very unusual instrument, see the music page.)  We encourage those who play an instrument or want to sing with us to contact our Music Director, Ron Hilley. 
We celebrate the Lord’s Supper once a month, usually on the first Sunday. Communion is open to all who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. You do not need to be a member of the Presbyterian church; as this is the Lords table and all who believe are invited to participate.
Before and after worship, everyone is invited for complimentary coffee/tea/lemonade, and the occasional yummy donut holes or other food goodie.