Pastor’s Note 12/2/22

Happy Advent.


That isn’t something that we say very often. In fact, the days leading up to Christmas are a bit more hectic, and a bit busier than most of us care for them to be, but let me encourage you to do some Advent preparation to make this season a little happier.


Advent (which has its root meaning from the Latin word adventus which means “coming”) is a part of the Christian church calendar. The season of Advent is an invitation for us to grow closer to God, so as you prepare for your Christmas celebrations and Christmas gift-giving, consider taking time to prepare spiritually for Christ’s arrival as a babe but also prepare for His second coming and the fulfillment of God’s Kingdom here on earth, as it is in heaven.


One of the ways that I prepare each year is by subscribing to the daily devotional from Biola University’s Center for Christianity Culture and the Arts (Here is the link to the CCCA Advent Project devotionals to subscribe and have it delivered to your inbox each day: ). These devotionals, (which include scripture readings, poetry, art, and music) are one way that we can prepare for Christ’s coming. Let me invite you to make this devotional a part of your Advent preparations.


Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday.




Pastor’s Note 11/23/22

Happy Thanksgiving!


I just wanted to say how thankful I am for this church family and the many friends who support the ministries that go out from this place that we know as Lakeside Community Presbyterian Church.


Your generosity was evident as the 45 boxes were put together and went out to military families through the San Diego Military Outreach Ministries. Even though the boxes with hams cost more this year than in the past, through the generosity of many of you, the friends of Sioux Swart and the Optimists, we met our goal of paying for all that went into the boxes. Even Smart & Final came through with a donation from the Smart & Final Foundation.


Whenever good things like this take place, I always want us to remember that we trust in a God who is good and generous. He provides many times, in ways that we can’t even imagine could take place.


As you gather with family and friends, give thanks to our generous God. Remind one another of His faithfulness and then give Him praise, for that is the appropriate response to a good and beautiful God.


Blessing on your day.