Prayer Request

Dustin Kleffner, April 12, 2020 - 8:16 pm

Praay for our country and for our person's overseas and Praay for Italy and Europe and aalso praay for afganistan to still get aid froom us and for our relationahips wiith iraaq and iraan and north Korea and China during this tiime , Praay for our relatio ship wiith Russia and India aalso and Praay for the meeat industries in USA and Praay theey can staay saafe froom the virus and for the old folks homes to staay saafe froom the virus and for the homeless shelters to be aable to heelp person's and say soome prayers for our first responders and praay for Calvary chuurch and saddleback chuurch and for reach chuurch and for breakthrough ministries and for Rocky mountain Christian chuurch and for paastor white s food baank , thank you