Pastor’s Note 03/24/23

Thanks to everyone who helped to make last weekend’s 130th Anniversary Celebration such a great success. There were so many of you who helped to make that morning so meaningful. We had over a 140 people in attendance and it was a great way to celebrate God’s faithfulness to our community over the years.


I am always amazed when a church is able to celebrate a milestone anniversary. That’s because I know of many vibrant churches that have morphed or changed or no longer exist. It doesn’t mean that the church failed because as Christ followers, we aren’t building “kingdoms” here on earth. We are a part of something bigger, part of God’s Kingdom work that is ever growing, ever expanding and ever changing. Think of all the churches that the Apostle Paul started as you read through the Book of Acts. There aren’t many that are still around but their influence has carried on over these thousands of years. The victory of Christ’s Kingdom isn’t in how a church survives over the millennia. The victory will be seen when heaven and earth are one and God reigns over all. May we at Lakeside Community Presbyterian Church play a tiny role in that ever-expanding Kingdom.


LCPC may not exist in 130 years but the many whose faith in Christ were nurtured here will carry on for generations in places all around the world. Christ’s rule and His Kingdom will not fail and we have and will continue to be a faithful part of that Kingdom expansion.


Let’s be thankful for how God has used this church’s faithful trust in Christ to influence people and expand His Kingdom and may we pray how we will continue to be a part of that Kingdom expansion in the years to come.


Can I get an Amen!


Have a great rest of the week and I will see you on Sunday.