Designed for a Purpose

Scary Decorations?
Halloween is almost here and decorations are displayed in stores and in our neighborhood. Of all the decorations the skeleton is  meant to scare and  frighten. This  may sound crazy, but  when I see the skeleton I  think of how each bone works together.  The skeleton has  purpose. If a  bone was by itself, it is just a bone;  yet when joined  together the bones form an important framework for our bodies. 
The Challenge
The next time you see a skeleton decoration  I challenge you to look upon the decorations to view the skeleton as a   beautfiul important piece of God’s handiwork.  The bones, like the  muscles, organs, and skin  are all important and are designed to work together. 
God’s Design
God designed each one of us for a purpose, uniquely made, but with a similar design.  The design is human, but our mind and souls are unique.  As we journey through life our capabilities  change over time, but God ensures that whatever station we are in life, we are useful.  Afterall we are designed by the greatest creator of all.   

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