A note from the Pastor, 1/13/2022

What might it have been like to “go to church” in the first century?
It is a good question to ponder as we talk about following King Jesus in our current sermon series. It would have been different than what we experience today. So what would your description be of the first century church?
Most likely it would have taken place in someone’s home, a gathering of men, women and children. Everyone would have gathered around the tables that were prepared for a meal. As the service begins, everyone settles around the tables and eating the prepared meal. In the midst of the meal, the elder stands up, speaks about the bread (Jesus’ body broken for all) and then the cup (reminding all that Christ blood was shed for their sins). He also reminds everyone at the meal that they are one family in Christ. The men and women, the slaves and the free, the Roman legionnaire, the Jewish merchant and the Greek magistrate, the rich and the poor are all one family in Christ.
How is this scene different than what takes place today at church? What is the same? What does it mean to be a part of God’s family?
Join us this Sunday as we explore what it means as we follow King Jesus together.
Have a great rest of the week and I will see you Sunday.

Pastor Tim