Pastor’s Note 08/04/22

The buzz on the streets of San Diego is that the Padres made trades for three baseball players that will no doubt, bring a World Series championship to the city of San Diego. Juan Soto, Josh Bell, Brandon Drury and Josh Hader are new Padre baseball players and everyone is excited (not this Pastor who is a Dodger fan!). People are ready to go to the games, to see the new players, and to cheer for a Padre victory.


I suspect that a similar kind of buzz and excitement took place as Jesus traveled with His disciples through the towns and villages of Galilee, north to Caesarea Philippi, then northwest to the region of Tyre and in the area of the Decapolis. People were buzzing with excitement. Healings were taking place, people were freed from evil spirits and Jesus’ teachings struck-a-cord with the populous. He was speaking to them and there was a sense of freedom in what He taught. They must have wondered, “Could this truly be the Messiah?”


We have been working our way through the Gospel of Mark during our Sunday sermon series looking at the person of Jesus, who He claimed to be and what He did. I have been excited to learn things about Jesus that I have never seen before.


So, I hope that you can join us, either in person or on-line, as we continue to discover who Jesus was and is.


Also, this Sunday is the first Sunday of the month so we will be taking communion during the worship service. If you are going to be at home and unable to attend, you can still participate by getting the elements of bread and fruit of the vine and following along during the service.


Have a great rest of the week and I look forward to seeing many of you this Sunday!

Pastor’s Note 07/28/22


Picture a room full of tables. There is a buffet table at one end full of foods ready to be served. Throughout the room, dinner tables are in place with settings of plastic utensils, a cup for a cool drink, a center piece in the middle and enough room to gather in comfort.

The room is buzzing with all different kinds of people. Kids are running around playing with each other, checking out the prizes that they might win during game time. There is talking and laughing. Some are meeting new friends, others are connecting with people that they have gotten to know over time.


Some are here to get a hot-meal, others are here to serve and to connect with the guests that are new to the room. Throughout the room you see people conversing and serving one another. It feels like a family gathering of sorts.


This is a snap-shot of what is happening at “Eat and Greet” here at LCPC on the last Sunday of the month. In a unique, non-threatening way, people are invited to come, enjoy a meal, have good conversation and catch a glimpse of what God’s church is like. It is a diverse, multi-dimensional gathering of people who are learning to be disciples of Jesus. This may be a new kind of church. It may be a little bit of God’s Kingdom on earth, just as it is in heaven.


God is on a mission to grow His church! Won’t you join us in building it, one relationship at a time.


It would be great to see you this Sunday at our Worship Service and at Eat and Greet!