Pastor’s Note 01/11/2024

Our new sermon series, The Good & Beautiful Community, is a series on understanding who are the people who follow Jesus? What are the words that can be used to describe a community who are committed to being Christ’s disciples and to grow deeper in their relationship with Him?


The word that was used during last week’s sermon to describe people in this community was “peculiar.” We are a people who are called to live life differently because, as we have received mercy through Jesus, we are transformed by the Holy Spirit to live differently as we are becoming more and more like Christ. Because of this, we do “peculiar” things that many in our world would think different or peculiar.


I also encouraged all of us to do a Soul Training Exercise that was the “2×4 Challenge.” The challenge was to spend 2 hours with God during the week and to do 4 random acts of kindness for others. I would love to hear how you have done with the challenge. Email me at and let me know how you have done.


Hope to see you this weekend as we look at another characteristic of the Good and Beautiful Community.


Have a great rest of your week.

Pastor’s Note 01/04/2023

We lost a good friend and partner in ministry this past week with the passing of Michael McKnight. He has been an integral part of LCPC for many years and his love for God and especially for people who were in need will be missed. He always provided a voice that needed to be heard for those on the margins.


Please get the word out about a memorial service honoring Michael that will take place at LCPC on Saturday, January 13 at 2pm. Your presence in celebrating his life would be so appreciated.