Father’s Day

Father’s Day is June 21st.  Our day to celebrate dad’s.  We give cards with sweet and sometimes funny sentiments.  We might cook his favorite meal or eat at his favorite restaurant, or gather for a family barbque.  However for many, the day is a reminder of a dad that never existed except in a greeting card.  The absentee father, whether physically, mentally or emotionally can produce detrimental consequences that last for generations.

Proverbs 4:1-27 is referred to as a  father’s instruction to his children.  Dad’s are to provide sound teaching; a father instructs his children to:  verse 5: acquire wisdom and understanding; verse 14: do not enter the path of the wicked And do not proceed in the way of evil men; verse 23: watch over your heart with all diligence For from it flow the springs of life.  Wise words of instruction, but also it is words of action.  Children learn by watching and then by emulating.

When a father is absent, the risk is far greater that a harmful pattern will be established.  We learn from our parents both the good and the bad.  I think of Exodus 34:7 often referred to the as the “generational curse”.  Adam had sinned and his fall from grace is upon all of us.
Generation of failing. Adam lied, Abraham lied about his marital status when introducing Sarah to the King Abimelech, King David lusted after Bathsheba and conspired to murder.  Yet all by the grace of God, were forgiven, and became pillars in the Judeo-Christian faith.  Their children were not cursed, but the values or lack there-of created a pattern of sinful habits by their offspring. 
Not to dispair, because it is possible to break off the chains of self-destruction  and start a new.  Romans 11:11-24 shows us that with Jesus we are “grafted into a new tree”.  Jesus forgives our sin.  Romans 11:27 “This is My covenant with them When I take away their sins”.   

For one reason after another, a man’s spirit was broken and the harm it produced has been generational.  Our country cries out because too many have had their spirit broken and as a result the pain and bondage is passed down. As Christians we are to spread the Good News of the Gospel, share the Love of Jesus that he commanded; but  individually as Christians  and as a nation under God how hard are we really trying?   

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, is tomorrow. It is my first Mother’s Day without my mom and the saddness is inescapable, and yet at the same time I rejoice knowing she is free from pain in the arms of our heavenly Father. 
In reading, Extraordinary Women by Julie Clinton, I could not help  reflect the traits of an extraordinary women were the same traits I saw in my mom and many of the special women in my life.  
In paraphrasing the book, Extraordinary women decide that life’s disappointments will not dampen their enthusiasm. They decide to perservere in a loving and praying spirit, even when harm befalls on their loved ones (child, spouse, parent, relative, or close friend). Extraordinary women don’t dwell on the lack of financial means, they do not dwell on what they do not have, but rejoice in what they do have and are grateful.  Extraordinary women do not give up when life challenges.  The common trait extraordinary women share is they DECIDE. 
“Life is more than just getting by.  Ordinary women get by.  Extraordinary women live life to the full, as Jesus desires.” page 18 from Extraordinary Women.  
HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY to all women, you are created for a purpose.  Go and DECIDE to live your life with JOY.