I don’t believe…

“I don’t believe in organized religion; it’s full of hippocrates.”  The words sting and cut so deep into me as they were spoken to me from my beloved sibling.   
I acknowledged that the church is full of sinners, we own it, but we know that we are not perfect. Our focus, which we all fall short of,  is to focus upward.  Our eyes, hearts and minds are to study the word, imitate that which is perfect and let His light shine through our imperfect body.  
Throughout my life I’ve encountered many a person who profess to be spiritual, and I am confused as to what that means.  When I have asked what exactly do they mean by “spiritual” the response is just as vague.  The person acknowledges a power higher than them, but they do not know this power, there is not a relationship.
My Lord gave His life for me and for you because we are sinners, imperfect people.  His love gave us hope, taught us forgiveness; but just as important He told us whereever three or more are present He is in our midst.  God is with us in our private times, but the point was that we are also  to be together; organized with single-like mind giving honor and glory to God.   

The Trinity

During my early Christian walk I had a difficult time truely comprehending how God as one can also be Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Three very distinct entities, but yet all are one. Then during a children’s time during the worship service, our prior Pastor explained the trinity so the children could grasp the concept.
Pastor Bob used water (h2O) has a metaphor to demonstrate the trinity. Chemically speaking water is two hydrogen atoms linked to one oxygen atom. Snow and steam are also h20 (water), but in different forms; all three forms are the same h2O composition yet under different conditions they have a different form.
As I listened, the concept of the God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit as one made sense. Conceptually, I was able to imagine God as water, necessary for life, gentle as soft rain, nurturing life, but also fierce and powerful, capable of taking life. Worthy of awe,respect, and fear.
Jesus is my snow. My sins, ugly and blotted as if debris strewn across the landscape, but with a freshly fallen snow covering, what was once ugly is covered and made beautiful and new. Just as sin continues in my life, Jesus having giving his life to take my sin, continues to love me and takes my sins away. Each freshly fallen snow is a reminder of Jesus never ending sacrafice as my sins forgiven and disappear under His grace.
The Holy Spirit, I envision as steam, replenshing my soul. Just as a plant can wither, alive yet lacking vibrancy, so to can our hearts and soul slowly wither and lack life. A withered plant is in desperate need of an infusion of moisture, almost as if the plant is breathing in the h20, steam to restore the inner life of the plant. So to, I imagine the Holy Spirit seeps into my soul, heart and mind, restoring me from within when I am weak.