Mother’s Day

Celebrate not only our Mothers, but all the women in our lives who have made our lives better.

Cornerstone – February

During a recent conversation with my mom she told me that one of her favorite times to pray was when she was driving.  I shared with her that I do the same.  I especially feel His presence and witness His handiwork as I watch in awe of the beauty unfold in the sky; the sun without being seen begins with an incredible display of  glowing pink and orange colors  against a stunning purple silhouette of the mountains in the east.  No humanly artist could create this beauty and surely no random act of chaos. It is in the early morning drive to work that I especially feel the closeness with the Lord.   Sometimes I pray and just talk to Him.  I don’t set out with a plan to talk, it just happens and sometimes I’d like to think the beautiful sunrise is God’s way of telling me He is here and waiting for our time together. 


When my children were at home I always looked forward to the car time, not because I enjoyed driving all over San Diego County playing chauffer, but because I knew the kids always opened up and talked about everything.  Other than driving there were no distractions I was completely theirs.  And so when I’m driving by myself and I do not have the distractions of home I understand why it is so easy to open up and talk to God.       


So often we set aside a regular time for prayer and while that’s great, you do not have to wait for a structured time or when the moment is right.  Remember the amount of time spent on something is a strong indication of its importance in your life.  How much time are you devoting to your relationship with God?