Can you believe it? We are 3 days away from Christmas! 
I can’t help it,  but every Christmas childhood memories flood my thoughts whenever I hear certain Christmas songs.  Memories fill my mind when I’m driving in the car, or listening to  Amazon Music, Alexa, Google, or whatever device I may be using. Memories of baking, eating, sleeping in awful curlers,  dressing up to attend Christmas Eve service,  it was all part of the preparation before the “big” day.
This is a time when the Season of Advent (the time of preparation) winds down. Christmas 2019 I have promised myself I will take the last three days before Christmas  to relax and reflect not on what’s missing, but  focus on  how special of gift mankind was given. No other gift compares; we have been given God’s perfect gift. 
It’s time to embrace the season and experience love this Christmas. Merry Christmas and stay blessed! 


It’s a day after Thanksgiving, dishes are put away and the house is now quite.  It’s my time to be with the Lord, just the two of us. So thankful for everything, the good times, and even the storms in my life.  My Lord is always with me and I am loved.