Pastor’s Note 5/7/2021

“The Word became flesh and blood,
    and moved into the neighborhood.”

                                                                                  John 1:14 (The Message)


It has been 6 months since I started serving as the pastor at LCPC and commuting from Irvine to Lakeside but after this week, everything will change.

As many of you know, my wife Karyn and I found a house to move to in San Diego County. It won’t be for another 10 days until we can actually move into our new home but this weekend we move out of our home of 23 years. It has been hard as we pack things up and throw out some of the unwanted or unnecessary items we have obtained over the years. Memories of our children growing up in the house and things that we did as a family flood our thoughts as we continue to pack, but it is all good because God has called us to a new neighborhood. It is in this new setting that new memories will be made, but more importantly, we wanted to be in a place where God wanted us, in a neighborhood that needed us. I am not sure what that will entail, but that has been our prayer all along, that we would move into a neighborhood where we were needed.

Over two-thousand years ago, God “moved into a neighborhood” that needed Him. When Jesus came into the world, it was God moving in because humanity needed Him. Men and women didn’t know when that action took place that the world would be changed but now we do. God’s loving action of sending His son Jesus into the world changed our relationship with God forever. It was an act of love that God took and because of that, our lives are changed forever.

Today, take a moment to thank God for “moving into the neighborhood” and for how that act changed your life with God.


Have a great rest of the week and I will to see you on Sunday

Pastor’s Note 4/29/21

“Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to Me.
God’s kingdom is made up of people like these.”

                                           Matthew 19:14

“Chapel Time”

On the last Thursday of every month I have the opportunity to have “chapel time” with the children at our church’s Children’s Center. It is a special time where I get to sing, pray and give a short talk with the kids and their teachers. I always love being able to share with them a little bit about what it means to love Jesus.

It is also fun throughout the rest of the month to see the children play on the playground and shout out to me “Hi Pastor Tim.” I love that I get to be their pastor.

I am not sure what impact these chapel times have. I suspect that the children don’t remember much of what I say but what I do want them to remember is that they have a pastor that loves them and wants them to love Jesus. When I see them playing, when we have our chapel times, I want them to know that there is a pastor and a church that loves them and wants them to know and love Jesus.

Our Time Together

It isn’t that different for all of you that are reading this email. I love that I get to be your pastor. I hope the times that we have together, whether it is on a Sunday morning in worship or at a Bible Study or at a meeting or on a walk or when we are having a cup of coffee, that you know I love being your pastor.  More importantly,  I want you to know and love Jesus. If I can point you in some small way to love Him more, I will feel that my role as a pastor is fulfilled.

Know that I love you and that I pray for you every day!

See you on Sunday.