A Note from Pastor Tim

A Note from Pastor Tim



Our Trunk or Treat event is this Saturday, October 23 from 6pm-7:30pm in our church’s parking lot and families from throughout the community are invited to drive-thru and get some treats from the trunks of cars. We could still use some decorated trunks and candy donations. Let Michael McKnight know if you can decorate your trunk and if you are able, drop a large bag of candy at the church before the event. You can also call the church office for details.


On Halloween Sunday, October 31, we are having a special Eat & Greet at 12:15pm with a Halloween themed lunch for our community. There will be plenty of good conversation and fun games for those that attend. We would love for you to invite people to the lunch and for you to help with set-up, serving or cleanup. Contact Michael McKnight if you would like to help.


This Sunday, we continue our sermon series on The Good and Beautiful God. We are learning about some of the different characteristics of God by understanding the God that Jesus knows and loves. I hope that I will see you on Sunday as we continue to understand these basics of our faith and let your friends know that we would love to see them too.


Also, in the coming days, you will be receiving a letter in the mail about pledging and planning for 2022. It is so important for the Stewardship Committee and for the Session to plan for next year and your pledges are an integral part of that planning process. For me, the Time and Talent survey will be my first chance to see and hear directly from you on how you want to serve our church so that we can make a difference for God’s Kingdom in Lakeside and in East County.


Thanks for taking time to read this email and for your upcoming involvement.


Know that I am praying for you all and for our church’s impact upon our community.

A Note from Pastor Tim. . .

Last week’s sermon focused on the fact that our God is generous.


We learned from the Parable of the Generous Landowner in Matthew 20, that the God that Jesus reveals, the God that Jesus knows, the God that Jesus loves, runs counter to the way we are wired to think. We think that in our world, we earn what we get but the God Jesus knows is utterly generous. Generous beyond what we could even imagine.


This generosity is expressed in the gracious actions of God in the creation of the world. The intricate and beautiful ways in which He created things points to His generosity. The way that He provides for His creation points to His generosity. Ultimately, His generosity is seen in the gift of Jesus to our world and allowing Him to be sacrificed on a cross for our wrongs. We experience forgiveness because of God’s generosity.


Our response to this generosity is important. We as followers of Christ need to be a people who are known for our generosity. It is seen in the way that we treat those we love. It is seen in the way that we treat a stranger. It is seen as we give of our time and it is seen as we give of our treasure. We are generous in our abundance and we are generous as we are moved with compassion.


May we be a people who are known for our generosity. We are generous because we know and love a God who is generous beyond what we could imagine.


Know that I am praying for you.


Have a great rest of the week and I hope to see you on Sunday.