Some days I feel as if I  keep running into roadblocks that prevent me  from getting my work done or something diverts me from my plan.  When I hit these  “snags”  I’m often annoyed because of the disturbance to my plan.   Later after the problem has worked itself out, I realized Jesus was guiding me, molding me in his hands,  changing my course.  So thank you Lord not only for the peaks and valleys of life, but also the occasional speedbump.  May it always be Your will and not my will. 

Faith & Trust

There are some things in life that are hard to separate, they just seem to go together so well,  but yet by the very nature they are different.  Some of life’s simple pleasures come to mind,  like summer and eating watermelon on a hot day,  hotdogs and baseball. I sure enjoy them together, and if I have watermelon, I always feel as if I’m tasting a bite of summer. 
Life isn’t always simple, we can face seasons of disappointments. When faced with challenges how hard is it for you to put your faith in Jesus  to carry you through the tough times?  You may think that you have this covered, because you’re a believer in Christ, however are you still trying to have Jesus be your co-pilot instead of the captain? We are to ask in faith without  doubting (James 1:6).   How many times do you ask God for help, and then still try to be in control?     
Here’s the second part that goes with faith, it’s trust.  In order to let God be the captain, you have to have trust. How can you have trust in someone without having a relationship?   The scared small child jumping into the deep end of the pool lets go of their fear because mom or dad are waiting with outstreached arms encouraging their little one that they are there.  The small child has a bond of trust and lets go of their fear. Trust takes time to develop, spending time in scripture, growing in your faith, building upon a solid foundation. 
Faith and trust.  Faith is our belief in knowing without seeing, trust is based on having a relationship; the two go together so nicely.