Pastor’s Note 10/12/2023

We need God!


If we are going to thrive as God followers, if our church is going to have an impact upon lives in Lakeside, we need to have hearts that humbly come before God, asking Him to change and to heal lives.


It first begins with you and with me. We need to ask God what are the sins that are hindering us from experiencing Him more fully? What corrections must we make? What must we stop doing? What do we need to repent from? What must we embrace? What heart-changes need to take place so that who we are matches who God wants us to be?


Second, we need to ask God’s Spirit to move, to heal, and to restore. We need the Holy Spirit to move in our lives and into the lives of our neighbors that don’t know Him. The power of our God is released as we humble ourselves before God and invite His Spirit to act.


Third, we wait. Sometimes our prayers are for actions. Sometimes our prayers are for healing and sometimes, our prayers are without words, as we in silence, wait for God’s unexpected answers.


Our God is a great God and He often does the unexpected as we come to Him. As we see our need and call on God in prayer, we never know what may happen. We need to be open to the unexpected answers of God.


So, would you join me, and others from our congregation, as we on Friday morning through Saturday morning, pray from 9am-9am, during our 24-Hour Prayer Vigil, asking God to be in our midst, to change us and our neighbors so that we might walk humbly with Him. Even if you did not sign up, let me encourage you to pray. Take any amount of time to pray (we have divided the 24-hours into 30-minute slots, but you can pray for any amount of time.) Do it from your home, as you walk around your neighborhood, or as you walk around Lindo Lake. We need to pray, and then, see what God has in store.

Pastor’s Note 10/06/2023

I am delighted to have Pastor Bob Mentze back to LCPC to preach this Sunday. He continues with our series, Major Words from Minor Prophets. Pastor Bob will be talking about Jonah.


Also, I want to encourage you to participate in our upcoming 24-Hour Prayer Vigil on October 13 & 14. From 9am on Friday, October 13 – 9am on Saturday, October 14 as a church we will be praying for the various needs of our families, our neighbors, our community and the world. You can sign up as an individual or get together with a friend and sign up for a 30-minute time slot.


Prayer is simply a conversation with God, intimacy with the God that we call Father. Like a good Father, He wants us to come to Him with conversations of gratitude for who He is and expressing the needs that we have. Prayer is an expression of dependency upon God for all things knowing that He is in control of all things between heaven and the earth. Our prayer is that His will be done. We also will be providing a guide for how you may pray during that time.


So, find a friend and sign-up after church on Sundays or, if you are at home, call the church office and find a time to pray.