Pastor’s Note 03/16/23

It looks like the weather is going to cooperate as we are set to celebrate the 130th Anniversary of Lakeside Community Presbyterian Church with a worship service at the old church on Maine Ave. at 10am. We are going to follow the worship service with a pancake breakfast which should make it a fun morning together.


Be sure to come early. There will be horse carriage rides to the olde church from the LCPC parking lot. Also, seating will be at tables as we try and both worship and serve a breakfast in a timely manner.


I know that there will be a number of visitors from the community attending and helping us to celebrate so it would be great if we from LCPC help them feel welcomed. It will take a special effort from all of us to help do this for those that we don’t know.


If you have any questions be sure to call the church or check the church website ( or the Lakeside Community Presbyterian Church Facebook page (


Have a great rest of the week and I will see you on Sunday.

Pastor’s Note 03/09/23

Last weekend I was able to view the movie Jesus Revolution with my wife Karyn. We both enjoyed it very much as the story was told about the revival that took place amongst young adults through the ministry of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa in the early 1970s.


I need to say that I kept wiping tears away from my eyes throughout the movie as we witnessed the welcome of those who were considered “outsiders” into the church. One of my favorite scenes was when Chuck Smith (played by Kelsey Grammar, yes that Kelsey Grammar from Cheers) washed the dirty feet of the hippies that were coming to the church.


It was a good reminder that we need to be a people that welcomes the “outsider.” People don’t have to look or act a certain way to be welcomed by us:

  • We do this as we learn a new person’s name and say “hi to them by their name” the next time we see them.
  • We do this as we say “hello” to the unhoused person that walks by us.
  • We do this as we remember the name of the grocery store clerk or restaurant waitress and say “thanks” for their service or help.
  • We do this as we make eye-contact with someone that is different.


Welcoming others (in Jesus’ name) is a mark of the Christian. We as Christ-followers need to be known for this. We can’t make excuses. It may not be comfortable, or it may not be easy, but we welcome, and as we welcome, we pray, and we let Jesus through the Holy Spirit, lead to the next step. The good thing is that God is in the middle of this, it isn’t only up to us. We just have to be willing to welcome.


Have a great rest of the week.