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John & Cynthia Chynoweth, Campus Crusade for Christ, Florida/Africa

Rev. Don & Leona Edic, Literacy & Evangelism Int’l., US/Central America

Dave & Sylvia Riggs, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Mexico

Dave & Linda Ringenberg, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Indonesia

Steve & Debbie Robinson, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Idaho

Sudanese Presbyterian Church

Reality Changers (Innercity youth ministry)

Military Outreach Ministries

Iglesia Presbiteriana Hispana

Presbyterian Urban Ministries



Letters from afar & near,

From our Missionaries:
On January 8th, four of us flew to Guantanamo City, Cuba to lead the first ever English language teacher training workshop at the Primera Iglesia Baptista de Guantanmo (First Baptist Church). This was arranged by Canadians who have visited for several years.  Our LEI, Caribbean directors, members of my family and I arrived to experience 120 university Christian students worshiping with excitement and joy.  Several all studying English at the university and joined our training.  God is at work in communist Cuba through our brothers and sisters who have fervent and determined faith to spread the Good News throughout the island.  Thank you Lakeside Community Presbyterian Church for partnering with us in prayer and funds to make this outreach happen.  
                                       E. Edic, Literacy & Evangelism International, English Language Ministry. 
Dave & Sylvia Riggs, from Wycliffe Bible Translators , Mexico  write they have just finished a conference, The Amatlan Zapotec Outreach.”  The Riggs request we continue to pray for the Zapotec translation team.  I (Dave) thank God that He has promised us the complete victory one of these days. Pray for His coming kingdom. I pray for God’s blessing and peace for you.
And closer to home
Presbyterian Urban Ministries (PUM) –
On February 4th several Presbyterian churchses sent teams, including us (LCPC), to compete in a cooking competition.  each team was provided a basket of food, similar to what PUM provides to their clients.  The LCPC team won the competition by creating menus that allowed the basket of food to be stretched for a week. The proceeds for the event are used to support PUM and the services they provide.