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To You, from Pastor Tim Avazian,



Rev. Tim Avazian, Pastor
Message: “God’ Greatest Gifts: Feasting in the Wilderness of Life”
Scripture: Psalm 63 July 25, 2021

Question to Consider:

  •  In your life, can you think of a time where you were “in the wilderness?” Was this wilderness experience because of life circumstances or because of your own choices or actions?
  • Read Psalm 63. What words or phrases catch your attention? What is God trying to bring into focus for you?
  •  Read 2 Samuel 11–19. See what brought David into this situation which is the setting for Psalm 63.
  •  In Psalm 63:1-4, David is in the wilderness of life. In both the actual physical location and where he is spiritually, David is in a “dry and weary land,” finding no relief. How does David find comfort? Where does he go? What does he do to remember?
  • Is there a place that helps you to remember God more clearly? Where is this place? Why is it a significant place for you in your spiritual life and your connection with God?
  •  What things can you do physically and/or spiritually to prepare for God’s “feast” in the midst of a spiritual wilderness? What steps can you take?
  •  Maybe you need to fast before the feast. What might you do to simplify your life in preparation for the feast that God has prepared? Are there physical as well as spiritual things that you can do?
  •  Pray that God might “prepare a table” for you to “feast” at during your spiritual dryness
Rev. Tim Avazian, Pastor
Message: “God’ Greatest Gifts: A Shepherd’s Song”
Scripture: Psalm 23 July 18, 2021
Questions to Consider:
  • How has God, the Good Shepherd, met an area of need in your life?
  • God is a Shepherd who gives generously to His sheep. How might you share your abundance with those in need?
  • This week, take some time and rewrite Psalm 23 in your own words. Make it a personal prayer to the Good Shepherd and the Royal Provider. As you write:
    – Praise God for His care for you and those you care for.
    – Praise God the Good Shepherd, for being both vast and near.
  • – Praise God for the defeat of your enemies – whether they are physical aliments, people you know or vices you may have.·
  • Where might the “green pastures” and “still waters” be for you? Take some time to “rest” with Jesus, our Good Shepherd” this week in these places.
Rev. Tim Avazian, Pastor
Message: “God’ Greatest Gifts: A Cry for Help”
Scripture: Psalm 17 July 11, 2021

Questions to Consider:

  • Are you good or bad at asking for help when you are shopping or asking for directions when you drive? Is there a situation that you wished that you had asked for help? What happened, how did you solve the problem?
  • What might get in the way of seeking God’s way rather than your own way? What might cause you to do this?
  • Have you ever been frustrated and you cried out to God? What were the circumstances, what your feelings?
  • What might allow you to be free in your communications and supplications to God?
  • This week, try to rewrite this Psalm in your own words.
  • It there a time when you are with other believers that you can pray Psalm 17 together? If possible, find a time when you can do this and use Psalm 17 to guide your prayers.
Rev. Tim Avazian, Pastor
Message: “God’s Greatest Hits”
Scripture: Psalm 1 June 20, 2021


Questions to Consider:

  • Where do you go to pray? Is there a place that is “your spot?”
  • Read Psalm 1. What observations do you make, what words stand out to you? What is compared and contrasted?
  • Find a quiet place, away from others and reread Psalm 1 but read it out loud. Read it as a prayer from your heart. What stood out to you as you reread the Psalm?
  • Reread the Psalm a third time but respond with the “three Rs: Rejoice, Repent, and Request.”