Consider this….


To You, from Pastor Tim Avazian,


Questions To Consider for the week of November 14:

  • Have you ever been in a workplace where completing a task in a specific amount of time was of utmost importance?  What did you do and what was involved?
  •  Consider this, you cannot love, think, eat, laugh or pray in a hurry. What is something that you tried to do in a hurry this past week?
  • Read Luke 10:41-42 and John 11:17-44.  What observations do you make about Martha?  What observations do you make about Mary?
  • Why is Martha so upset and frustrated?
  • Why is it significant that Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus?  What did this mean to the people of Jesus’ day?.
  • Who do you identify with, Mary or Martha?
  • Jesus is calling Martha to sit and listen to Him, like her sister Mary.  When is the best time for you to sit and listen to Jesus?  What can you do to enhance this time with Jesus?