Pastor Tim’s Notes begin 3/5/2021
Cornerstone of Faith BLOG’s last posting is  February 2021, “A Day of Love.”   It has been my honor to share my thoughts, joys and struggles over the years but especially how God is always there; showing me the way through my life as I draw closer to Him. 

Pastor’s Note 06/11/2021


So I was asked, “How it is going without Silvia in the office?” Well, it has been just a few days without a secretary and for the
most part, it has been fine. The phones are getting answered and things have been organized. It did take us 20 minutes to figure out how to make one page of labels so there is a big learning curve ahead!

Next Steps

The plan moving forward for the next two-weeks is to have volunteers that are answering the phones and managing the office
when we are open (The office will be open, Monday – Friday, from 9am – 12pm). Silvia has graciously offered to continue to
work on the Worship Orders for Sundays until we find a more permanent solution so that is a big help. If any of you can help with some of the volunteering during the day let me know and we will see if there is a job that you can fulfill.


The Search

We also will begin a search for a replacement in the next two weeks. Currently, the Executive Committee of the church (this
consists of the chairs of each of the church’s 4 committees along with the Clerk of Session and the Pastor) is reviewing the job
description of the secretary and seeing how it should be changed or adjusted to meet our needs as a church. I suspect that we will make some changes to the job and to the scope of the position. You can be praying for this search because this person plays a key role in the life of our church. He or she is more than just an administrator and secretary. They also are the first face of the church that many people meet, so finding the right person is important.

Know that I am praying for all of you and for our church. I will see you on Sunday!

Pastor’s Note 6/4/2021

“There were also with Him other little ships.” – Mark 4:36
Jesus is always in Control
Jesus was the Lord High Admiral of the sea that night and His presence preserved the whole convoy. It is well to sail with Jesus, even though it be in a little ship. When we sail in Christ’s company, we may not make sure of fair weather, for great storms may toss the vessel which carries the Lord Himself, and we must not expect to find the sea less boisterous around our little boat. 
If we  go with Jesus we must be content to fare as He fares; and when the waves are rough to Him they will be rough to us. It is by tempest and tossing that we shall come to land, as He did before us. When the storm swept over Galilee’s dark lake all faces gathered blackness, and the hearts dreaded shipwreck.
The Calm
When all creature help was useless, the slumbering Savior arose, and with a word, transformed the riot of the tempest into the deep quiet of a calm; then were the little vessels at rest as well as that which carried the Lord. Jesus is the star of the sea; and though there be sorrow upon the sea, when Jesus is on it there is joy too. May our hearts make Jesus their anchor, their rudder, their lighthouse, their life-boat, and their harbor.
His Church is the Admiral’s flagship; let us attend her movements, and cheer her officers with our presence. He Himself is the great attraction; let us follow ever in His wake, mark His signals, steer by His chart, and never fear while He is within hail. Not one ship in the convoy shall suffer wreck; the great Commodore will steer every barge in safety to the desired haven.
By faith we will slip our cable for another day’s cruise, and sail forth with Jesus into a sea of tribulation. Winds and waves will not spare us, but they all obey Him; and, therefore, whatever squalls may occur without, faith shall feel a blessed calm within. He is ever in the center of the weather-beaten company: let us rejoice in Him. His vessel has reached the haven, and so shall ours. (From Charles Haddon Spurgeon Morning & Evening.)
Brothers and Sisters, I have observed how our Father in Heaven has seen LCPC through some rough waters; nevertheless He was and is with us still. It pleases the Father to stir us up to keep us from being self-sufficient and leaning on our own plans.
I am praying for you and for all of the souls with whom we share the gospel of Jesus that all of our little ships arrive at the Lord’s Haven.
Grateful Heart
Thank you for the most lovely lunch, prayer quilts, cards, gifts, and your priceless love in Christ – my heart is full.
May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His tender loving care now and always. I will miss you dearly; Bye for now. With love and thankfulness, your fellow-servant, Silvia

Pastor’s Note 5/28/21


I have some bittersweet news to share with the LCPC family as we are going to be saying “goodbye” to Silvia, our church’s
secretary. Silvia gave her two-week notice last Friday as she has been offered a new position at a business in Santee and will be
starting there on June 7.

Our sister in Christ

As many of you know, Silvia has been the heart and soul of our church’s office for over 5 years. She is much more than a
secretary who answers the phone and puts together a Sunday bulletin. She has been the smiling face as you are greeted at the
door, the pleasant voice that answers the church phones and the problem solver to many of our situations. She always goes above and beyond what is expected and most importantly, she has been a prayer warrior for so many situations that have arisen at church. Silvia will be dearly missed and hard to replace.


We are having a going away lunch for Silvia next Wednesday, June 2 from 12-1pm if you would like to personally say your
good-byes to her. (Please let Gary MacDonald know that you will be coming to the lunch so we can plan accordingly. Contact the church if you need Gary’s email or phone number). Let’s all pray for Silvia and the various transitions that are
Blessings on the rest of your week