Pastor’s Note 10/26/2023

As the month of October comes to a close, I want to ask for your prayerful consider about an extra financial gift to the church.

At our last Session meeting our balance sheet reflected a deficit of $38,303 for the church at the end of September. Now this deficit wasn’t unexpected. Going into the year, we knew that the donations by the households that give to the church on a regular basis would not meet all of our expected expenses for 2023. Our leadership trusted that God would provide in unexpected ways or that we would use some of our savings to cover the difference between our income and our expenses.

Throughout the year, our Stewardship and Property Committee, along with the other committees of the church, have been very careful in their spending. We haven’t over-extended our spending and have tried to be thoughtful with our regular on-going expenses but even by being frugal, with rising expenses, our income has not met our expenses.

I want to ask if you would be willing to be a part of the unexpected giving to the church. If 100 households could give an extra $383, we would eliminate the deficit. Now I know that everyone will not be able to give $383, but if we all gave some type of extra donation by the end of the year, it is possible that the deficit would be eliminated.

So, would you prayerfully consider this? By making an extra contribution we may be able to end the year in the black.



Pastor’s Note 10/19/2023

Thanks to all of you who participated in our Prayer Vigil last weekend. Your prayers are an integral part of our ministry here at LCPC.


You may be asking why do we need to pray? We pray because we can’t do God’s Kingdom work unless we pray. There isn’t another way of doing it. If we are going to be a dynamic church that changes lives, prayer must be an integral part of what we do and a Prayer Vigil is one way that we do that.


As we continue to seek God, as we continue to pray, He will act. Keep praying and lifting up our church and its ministry as we seek to Love God, Love People and Make Disciples of Jesus.


See you on Sunday.