WOW! Today is Independence Day.  Happy July 4th.  
I know I am not alone in wondering where half the year has gone. The speed of which the year seems to “fly” is a reminder that our time on earth is short and temporary. 
Our eternity has two choices:  Jesus and be with Him for eternity…free 
or choose to deny Him and spend eternity in  
the fiery pit, a slave to sin.  


 Some days I feel as if I  keep running into roadblocks that prevent me  from getting my work done or something diverts me from my plan.  When I hit these  “snags”  I’m often annoyed because of the disturbance to my plan.   Later after the problem has worked itself out, I realized Jesus was guiding me, molding me in his hands,  changing my course.  So thank you Lord not only for the peaks and valleys of life, but also the occasional speedbump.  May it always be Your will and not my will.