It’s a day after Thanksgiving, dishes are put away and the house is now quite.  It’s my time to be with the Lord, just the two of us. So thankful for everything, the good times, and even the storms in my life.  My Lord is always with me and I am loved. 

I don’t believe…

“I don’t believe in organized religion; it’s full of hippocrates.”  The words sting and cut so deep into me as they were spoken to me from my beloved sibling.   
I acknowledged that the church is full of sinners, we own it, but we know that we are not perfect. Our focus, which we all fall short of,  is to focus upward.  Our eyes, hearts and minds are to study the word, imitate that which is perfect and let His light shine through our imperfect body.  
Throughout my life I’ve encountered many a person who profess to be spiritual, and I am confused as to what that means.  When I have asked what exactly do they mean by “spiritual” the response is just as vague.  The person acknowledges a power higher than them, but they do not know this power, there is not a relationship.
My Lord gave His life for me and for you because we are sinners, imperfect people.  His love gave us hope, taught us forgiveness; but just as important He told us whereever three or more are present He is in our midst.  God is with us in our private times, but the point was that we are also  to be together; organized with single-like mind giving honor and glory to God.