Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, is tomorrow. It is my first Mother’s Day without my mom and the saddness is inescapable, and yet at the same time I rejoice knowing she is free from pain in the arms of our heavenly Father. 
In reading, Extraordinary Women by Julie Clinton, I could not help  reflect the traits of an extraordinary women were the same traits I saw in my mom and many of the special women in my life.  
In paraphrasing the book, Extraordinary women decide that life’s disappointments will not dampen their enthusiasm. They decide to perservere in a loving and praying spirit, even when harm befalls on their loved ones (child, spouse, parent, relative, or close friend). Extraordinary women don’t dwell on the lack of financial means, they do not dwell on what they do not have, but rejoice in what they do have and are grateful.  Extraordinary women do not give up when life challenges.  The common trait extraordinary women share is they DECIDE. 
“Life is more than just getting by.  Ordinary women get by.  Extraordinary women live life to the full, as Jesus desires.” page 18 from Extraordinary Women.  
HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY to all women, you are created for a purpose.  Go and DECIDE to live your life with JOY. 


Isolation, normal, anxiety, financial worries, family, thankful, concern, safe, anxious, denial, humor, frustration, overwhelmed, fear, and love; my emotions are all  one big hot mess in my head.  It is as if it were a ball of string unraveled by the winds of human nature, tossing me about without care.  And then I focus on my anchor, Jesus.  He secures my footing.  My faith in Jesus is not a weight that oppresses, but my faith is  an anchor to hold me secure from the ever constant changes I face.  I feel His prescence holding me tight, reminding me to not fear the unknown for He is always with me.