Pastor’s Note 07/29/2021


Praying on behalf of others is a fairly common trait of Christian prayers. Sometimes these prayers are called “Intercessory Prayers,” sometimes they are called “Prayers of Supplication.” During our church service we call it “The Prayers of the People,” whatever the title, intentionally praying for others, for people in our community, for our nation and concerns around the world is a good spiritual practice. It is good that we do this corporately and that we do this individually.

Two Things

Let me encourage you to do two things. First be willing to pray for others. We need to be a church that prays for one another, so be willing to pray on behalf of others. Second, let our church community pray for you. Are you going through a difficult situation? Is there a physical ailment where you could use the prayers of others? Are there personal financial pressures that you are experiencing that you would like others to pray about? Is there a relationship in your life that could use prayer?

Lighten Your Burdens

We need one another in these two ways. We need to be willing to pray for each other and we need to be willing to
share with each other our need for prayer. Our God loves it when we come to Him in prayer. So let’s be praying for
each other and sharing our concerns. God will do some amazing things as we do this.

Pastor’s Note 07/23/21

It is never easy to start in a new setting as you settle into new routines and tasks. The habits of the past need adjustments as you learn new things and new ways of doing things but being in a new setting also presents opportunities to bring a new perspective and a different viewpoint. That has been the case for Tamara (our new Office Manager), and for me and my wife Karyn, as we each settle into ministry here at LCPC. We each have been adjusting to new routines, new ways of doing things and bringing a fresh perspective to the ministry here in Lakeside. I know (speaking for myself) that I have felt very welcomed and appreciated and I suspect that both Tamara and Karyn have felt that way too. So many of you have offered words of welcome and your generosity has been evident in many ways. So thank you for welcoming us as the “new kids” on the block and may we continue to abundantly extend that welcome and hospitality as others join our ministry in the future