Pastor’s Note – 03/06/22

The Season of Lent

In March, we will mark the start of Spring but this year we will also mark the beginning of Lent, the forty-day season of reflection and preparation for the death and resurrection of Jesus.  
This year, it begins with Ash Wednesday (March 2) and continues through to Holy Week and Easter on Sunday April 17. (Technically, Lent comprises the 40 days before Easter, not counting the Sundays, or 46 days in total.) It is a time when members of the Christian Church, (in a variety of traditions – Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant) take time to reflect upon their lives as one approaches Easter.

Ancient Days

In the ancient church, Lent was a time for new converts to be instructed for baptism.  And for believers caught in sin to focus on repentance. In time, all Christians came to see Lent as a season to be reminded of their need for penitence and to prepare spiritually for the celebration of Easter.  Part of this preparation involved the Lenten “fast,” giving up something special during the six weeks of Lent. 

Modern Times

Today there are a variety of ways by which a Christ follower can prepare for Easter during the Lenten season.  One way can be a “fast,” giving up something as a spiritual discipline.  It could be anything from a certain food like meat, chocolate or caffeine. Consider an additional spiritual discipline.   Or perhaps doing something individually or as a covenant with a group. 
This year, may Lent be a new experience to deepen your walk with Christ to the Cross

Pastor’s Note Feb 9th

“27 The people were all so amazed that they asked each other,
“What is this? A new teaching—and with authority!
 He even gives orders to impure spirits and they obey him.” 
28 News about him spread quickly over the whole region of Galilee.”
(Mark 1:27, 28 NIV)
I am writing you this note on February 9 which means that a new month has started in our Gospel Challenge and we are reading the second Gospel, the Gospel of Mark during the month of February.
If you don’t remember, throughout the year, we are reading the 4 Gospels, one Gospel each month. That means in the second month of the year we are reading the second Gospel, the Gospel of Mark. The good thing about Mark is that it is a short book with only 16 chapters so if you haven’t started, you have plenty of days to catch-up, even during the short month of February.
Now don’t just power your way through each Gospel. On days when you can take a bit more time, let the stories of Jesus sink in. Be amazed at His actions and His words. Imagine yourself as an onlooker, seeing and hearing Jesus. Listen for something new that you can learn about Him.
Maybe, as we are amazed at what we are learning about Jesus, news about Him will spread over the whole region of Lakeside and East County from our Jesus encounters. Let’s see what Jesus will do as we read about His life throughout 2022.