Note from Pastor Tim . . .

A Note from Pastor Tim . . .

Can I say that I love being your pastor?

I look forward to every day when I get to pray for our church, dream about our church, and think about all the things that can and will take place at our church. I love to work to prepare for Sunday morning worship services, working on my sermon, visiting many of you and planning for the future. I love to get out into the community, to meet knew people, and to pray for things that are going on.

Sure there are days of frustration, of wondering what is going to happen next. It has been frustrating maneuvering through COVID and different transitions and getting settled but through it all, I can say that I love it. Partly it is because I have been getting to know many of you. You have a love for God and for His church. You want to see God’s Kingdom here in Lakeside and in East County, just as it is in heaven, and can I say that it is happening in small ways here at LCPC.

This weekend as we celebrate with a Community BBQ on Saturday and “Back to Church” worship service on Sunday, I am looking forward to seeing a bit of God’s Kingdom here in Lakeside. It will be good to hang-out on Saturday with many of you and to meet some of your friends and other new people, to eat some good food and have fun together. On Sunday, I am excited that we get to gather together, to worship together, to pray and praise God together and to celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ together.

As we gather back for a start to the Fall Season, there are a few things that will be happening that I want to encourage you to considering being a part:

  • First, on Sunday, we are gathering for worship at 9:45am. It is a different time but it will give us a chance to prepare for worship, grab a up of coffee to sip and have a bite of food to eat. We also will have coffee and refreshments after the worship service so don’t worry if you don’t like coming early. I will also be starting a new sermon series on The Good and Beautiful God, which will help us “know and love the God that Jesus loves.”
  • Second, our Adult Sunday School Class is starting back again, meeting at 11:00am. Linda and John Sunkel will be leading a new series entitled, I have read Randy Alcorn’s book on heaven, (which the Sunday School series is based on) and it is a refreshing book that provides some great insights in what we believe about heaven.
  • Third, I am leading a few small group experiences during the week:
    • On Tuesdays, at 1pm, I want to invite you to join me for a “sneak peek” into the upcoming Sunday sermon. It won’t be a formal “Bible Study” but I will give some of the insights and “pull back the curtain” for the text that will be used on Sunday. You can ask questions and pick my brain as we talk about the Biblical text.
    • On Thursday mornings, at 11am, I will be leading a small group as we study and glean insights from the book, The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith. It is the book that is the basis for the sermon series but there are many insights from the book that can’t be shared on Sundays.
    • Then on Thursday evenings, at 6pm, I am leading a Prayer and Praise We will sing some songs and give praise to our God, pray for one another and our needs, for our church and for our community.

So I hope that you can join in some of the ministries and events that are taking place this Fall.

Know that I am praying for you and I hope to see you this weekend!

A Note from Pastor Tim. . .

        I am excited about what will be taking place next weekend with our Back-to-Church BBQ on Saturday, September 18 and Sunday Worship on Sunday, September 19.

The BBQ (on Saturday, September 18 begins at 5pm) will have burgers and hot dogs, along with side-dishes and desserts provided by all of you. We will have a band, along with door prizes, a bounce house for families and a petting zoo. It should be a fun “re-gathering” of our church family but it is also a chance for us to invite friends to come be a part of the fun.

On Sunday, September 19, our worship service will feature a guest organist and the start of a new sermon series, The Good and Beautiful God. Worship will start at 9:45am (note the new start time) and we will have goodies to eat and coffee to drink before and after the worship service. The Adult Sunday School class will be starting back again after worship and will begin a 7- week series on Heaven. It should be a good time to be back at church.

With all of these things happening it will be important for you to make personal invitations to others!

          The best way that we can let people know about our church is by personal invitation. We need to tell our neighbors and our friends about our church and the good things that are happening (like our Back-to-Church Weekend, Adult Sunday School, new Bible Studies and Small Groups). Your personal invitation is the best way to do that.

          You have a week to pray about who you will be inviting but go and invite your friends and your neighbors and then tell them to come. God will be in the midst of your conversations.

          Know that I am praying for you and I hope to see you on Sunday.