Pastor’s Note 11/10/22


The elections have taken place, we have cast our votes, submitted our ballots and now we wait. In some races, we wait for the outcomes. In others, we wait for how the outcomes will affect our lives. The best thing is that we won’t have to endure watching anymore political campaign ads or receive random text messages asking us to vote for certain candidates!


I do think that the most important thing that we as followers of Christ must do is pray. We may not agree with who won, we may not support the propositions that were approved, but we do believe in an all-wise benevolent God. His reign is greater than any kingdom on this earth and as His people, we belong to a kingdom that transcends this world. Our allegiance is to King Jesus. This is the King and the Kingdom who we put our trust in.


So let us be a people that are praying for our nation’s leaders. May we pray for those that are serving in our local communities. They need our prayers as they seek to serve the greater good for all.


Also, I hope that you will have a wonderful Veterans Day. It is a day in which we are grateful for the men and women who have served in our armed forces, protecting our freedoms and helping us be a country that seeks justice and freedoms for all.


See you on Sunday.



Pastor’s Note 11/03/22

This Saturday we have a great opportunity to “Love Lakeside.”


This weekend’s Fall Festival on Saturday afternoon (from 2-4:30pm) is a good way to say “hi” to some of our neighbors and to raise funds for two organizations that help our community.


The Magic Horse Therapeutic Riding Center helps people of all ages who have disabilities find hope through the “magic” of riding a horse. Feeding San Diego is one of the many organizations and food banks that help stock food items at the Lakeside HELPS Center that serves those in our community who are facing food insecurities.


There will be music and food, a silent auction and raffle to help raise funds for the two organizations. It should be great day for the whole family.


But more than having fun, this event is one way that we are loving our neighbors. It is a part of our mission and calling as a church. As Christ followers in Lakeside, we are Loving God, Loving People and Making Disciples of Jesus. I hope that you can come and help us live out our mission.


See you on Saturday.